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Stowaway Inn - a little piece of history

June 8th, 2013 10:52 AM by Holly Plante

Excerpts from

"There is a Tavern in the Town, in the Town..."  
1683-1983, Stow Tercentenary Committee

Great Road West of Junction of Crescent Street

There is a hip-roofed, L-shaped house with a porch on two sides supported by simple, unfluted columns.  It bears the date 1792, but it does not appear on the 1830 map! We can guess it may have been built close to 1830; an 1870 map gives the owner as Mrs. L.A. Goodwin.  An 1889 map shows the name N. Nevans. We find no history of it as an inn or tavern, so it seems likely it came late enough that the stagecoaches were already declining.  It has the look of an inn - we do find it a boarding- house run by a Mrs. Evans, where teachers were apt to board.  According to Bill Pearse, who boarded there around 1930 when he was a bachelor, some of the teachers were pretty!  There is some thought that Mrs. Evans may have dreamed up the date and the name and put up the sign.

James Evans sold the place and it may have been empty for awhile. The Paul Winslows bought it in the 1960's and later sold it to Mark and Pam Hanson who are good organic gardeners and bee-keepers.  For a time they had a shop in the barn with attractive pottery and other items.  Additional Small Hansons caused an end to this enterprise.
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Posted by Holly Plante on June 8th, 2013 10:52 AM

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